Module induction and “Space” assignment


In this class we mostly talked about what our new Module Handbook contained, future workshop opportunities and were given the brief regarding the new “Space” assignment due on 6th February.

This assignment that in groups of two, one being the Producer and the other the Director, create a 2-5 minutes short film about what is our personal idea of space. Meaning, what is our own interpretation of what space can be and to portray that accurately on screen. This can be intellectual space, cyberspace, any thoughts relating to darkness, loneliness, observation, amongst others. It is also part of the brief the fact that we need to find our own crew by ourselves and that we need to document all that we’ve done in our blogs. Well… At least of one those I can already scratch out of my list. So from here we were randomly paired up and I choose the Producer role and my colleague the Director role. After the class finished we both sat down and started trying out different ideas and interpretations until we finally decided upon a story that we both enjoyed. The only real downside from this is that we only have one week to shoot and edit it to completion! This will prove to be a challenge indeed.


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