Casting Director (again): Emily


So today I was Casting Director yet again for another film project also tilted “Emily” but this one is directed by Patricia Musakanya and produced by Amnah Pervaiz.

I arrived a few hours after their auditions had already begun as I had work to do beforehand but arrived at a good time because we ended up having the bulk of the auditions all on that day.

My role was to serve as both a Casting Director, where I would offer my opinion on each actor that would come in and audition as well as being Camera Operator, since I would film each and every audition.

It was a lovely day as I got be a part of an audition process that involved children as I have never worked with children in any of my films before and it was a learning curve for me.

Patricia worked well in giving direction to each child which lead them to give their best performance when the audition time came.

I’d say we audition around 15 children that apart from all the potential mothers that also came in. At one point I had to do a cold reading of the script as the child actor, on site, didn’t have a potential mother actress to act alongside her. It wasn’t the most enjoyable for me but it served the purpose.

Overall, it was a good experience as I got to help in obtaining the best possible auditions, being in control of the camera, as well as meeting a lot of potential young talent that I might want to work with one day.




Charli XCX: MTV Brand New

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 20.41.00



Charli XCX also known as Charlotte Aitchison is an English electro pop singer whose second album, called “Sucker” has been blowing up the charts ever since it came out in 2014.

Now I fell into the bandwagon after I started hearing the song “Boom Clap”, that is featured in the Fault In Our Stars soundtrack, start to blow up on every radio station in the UK.

Her style of music wasn’t the type that I would normally listen to on a day to day basis but there was something about her upbeat tempos, the comedic remarks and the boldness of her lyrics that captivated my attention to the point that I can say that I am indeed a fan. Not only because of her music but also vecause of how she chooses to present herself to the major audience.

Her liking of negligées and corsets as suitable day wear, the red lipstick and black liner combo, the way she throws her hair every which way during a performance with no regard for how messy it will become just comes to show how comfortable and confident she is in herself not only as a performer but as a woman.

She represents the new and upcoming generation of women who can wear nightgowns as outdoor dresses and rock messy bed hair and vintage ’60s sunglasses because they can. With no regard for what other’s might think.

Her music is a direct representative of this flower child, free spirited girl and that appeals to me and so many others because deep down, we want to be as carefree as she is and now we can believe that that’s possible.

Both her albums have been playing non-stop in my iPod for months now and it’s something that I can always turn to when I need a quick fix to my mood.

So by being such a Charli fan, when there came the chance to win a pair of free tickets to a concert in Islington Town Hall in London (as a part of the MTV Brand New event) a couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance and was lucky to be one of 50 chosen winners!

I was quite happy, to say the least.

I went with a friend of mine and it was a lovely experience! We got to watch two up and coming performers before she came out and one of them was James Bay which ended up being an unexpectedly lovely act.

It’s safe to say that Charli is exactly the same wild, free spirit she seems to be as seen through the media and her music. I had a blast and can’t wait to go watch her perform on another opportunity.


With this in mind, here is a quick breakdown of my favourite Charli XCX’s songs and why:

The rhythm of this song captured my attention to how ‘out of the box’ it is to what I was previously used whilst listening to other musicians perform pop. The way the lyrics just envelop the music was very alluring to me. The perfect song to dance around with friends.

Having seen Charli’s previous performances of her songs, when I stumbled upon this one in a a live, raw acoustic performance she did about three years ago, I was blown away. This is a completely different side to her that isn’t shown often, especially in a slow tempo song. Her vocals mixed with how personal the theme is, makes this one of my most played Charli songs.

This is without a doubt my favourite! The way this song simply exudes women empowerment and feminism is so appealing to me that it’s hard for me to handle. I just unabashedly jam to this song at night on my bus ride home from university or my shift at work. It just puts me in the mood, no pun intended, to rock out and embrace my femininity. It’s basically an anthem for the female orgasm. And we need more of those. Anthems and orgasms, that is. Both are good. So kudos to you Charli for making women embrace, even more, their sexual independence.






Lamentation: Day 2 of 4


Today was the first day of our indoors filming period.

Prior to the shoot day, I sent out all of the call sheets and sent additional messages to everyone to make sure they knew when their call time was in.

David has also continuously showed how much he is devoted to this project with his recurrent emails with questions and ideas which are so lovely because commitment is something very much appreciated by myself and Alex.

So up to the day before shooting, me and David exchanged a lot of emails because we were very focused on getting the clothing completely right because there would be a lot of jumps in the time frame of the four days we were going to film in and David needed to know exactly what clothes to bring with him for what days of the week.

My initial idea was always that Donald would wear dark clothes in present time where he is a recent widow who mourns the loss of his wife, and in flashbacks with Eleanor, Donald would have a lighter colour palette when it came to his clothes. The meaning of the contrast in the colour palette, as exhibited by Donald, is that it is a complete showcase of Donald’s inner emotional turmoil and how it affects and influences everything around him.

So today, we started shooting already during the afternoon and we mostly only had to shoot a sequence of shots that encompassed the leaving the house frazzled after being faced with his inner demons and arriving to the house after being reconciled with his past. Basically, the first scenes we had to film were some of the most important as it showed Donald’s character at his lowest and also at his turning point.

Screenshot 2015-05-05 at 01.16.41

It was a lovely day as we were able to film everything we needed  with two hours to spare! And everyone enjoyed their cups of tea, sandwiches and biscuits that I brought along.

A happy crew is always what we aim for! But let me tell you, making 10 cups of tea at once isn’t for the faint of heart.

Lamentation: Day 1 (part two)!


So this is a continuation of the filming period during the first day.

After we finished filming in Hampstead High Street, we packed up all of our equipment plus bags and headed off on a 15 minute walk to the park where the second part of the filming would take place.

As we were walking past the tube station, I spotted my house mate Jessica and her boyfriend Dean who arrived just on time since they would be the two extras in our film that would be the couple.

When we arrived on location, me and Erin started to organize the picnic scene with all of the props that included the picnic mat and consequent prop food, that was food that I made the night before.

As prep finished and the extras were briefed, shooting went smoothly and rather quickly as the chemistry between the two was very apparent which worked with what me and Alex wanted. I even got excited because I had the idea of bringing grapes so that Jessica could throw them at Dean’s mouth so that he could catch it in a cute, romantic way and it actually worked visually which made me and Alex very happy.

Later on the day, Jane (the actress) arrived whilst me and the rest of cast and crew were having lunch break at a local pub near the park called “The Freemasons Arms”.

Erin was charged with meeting Jane at the tube station and walk with her to the pub as she didn’t know the area plus to help with any luggage she would bring with the change of clothing for the picnic scene. Immediately after she arrived, Jane was the life of the party! Such a lovely lady and her and David got along right off the bat, especially since it was their first time meeting in person!

The shoot went smoothly from then on as the actors took instruction quite well and weren’t afraid to be intimate when we needed them to.

Overall, it was a success and apparently everyone enjoyed my assortment of sandwiches and snacks that I made which was a bonus for the whole event.

Lamentation: First shoot day!


Today was our first shoot day of our final year film!

Crazy to think that we’ve already got up to this point.

Now onto the day itself: the night before I finished up the last touches on the call sheet and sent it out to the cast and crew and let them know to be on location by the time it was determined.

As soon as I arrived at 9am, Alex was already there so we just walked to the location where we were going to film in Hampstead High Street. When we got there I immediately went inside the corner store and talked with Mr. Sups Nanji, who is the owner of the shop, and explained to him once more what we were going to do in relation to how the filming would take place.

His wife had already been briefed by me, the week before, and Mr. Nanji was quite ready to help and didn’t impose anything against it. After he signed the location release form, he actually started to help me and Alex move some of the items that were present outside of the store, inside so it wouldn’t interfere with any of the filming process.

As that was done, the rest of the crew started to arrive and as soon as everyone was finishing setting up, me and Erin (the runner) went to get David (the actor) from the nearby Starbucks where he had been waiting for the past hour and a half (he arrived nearly two hours before his call time!) with his cup of tea, and accompanied him to the filming location.

The filming went over smoothly apart from a couple of sound glitches since the adaptor for the headphones that connected to the R-44 sound equipment were missing which forced us to record sound blind for the rest of the day.