ORANGE GIRL: Feedback from Helen

The meeting with Helen had today with me and Jonas was very helpful!

She first started with drawing out a timeline of events that depicts what Jonas and me have envisioned the storyline of the film will be presented and that enabled us to have a clearer idea of what the overall look of the film will be.

She also agreed that Aiste’s “sharing of the secret” was an integral part of the film as that serves as the climax of the story in and of itself. So the build up up until that point will be filled with slight tension and anticipation as the audience will feel that something is coming but won’t know what it is until it is shown to them.

We played with different of ideas of how to film specific scenes in it as well as looking at the story from a non-linear perspective that allows us, me and Jonas, to think about different ways of showcasing it, such as:

  • Does the audience need to know if Jonas and Aiste are still in a relationship?
  • Is that important?
  • Should we answer that at the end of the film or leave blank?
  • Is Aiste comfortable with sharing her thoughts or answer question about bulimia?
  • If not, how will we address the issue as to still be a climax in the storyline?

All of these serve as mere examples of the different perspectives we can have on it.

Also, because the whole film will be laid out with Jonas’ POV voice-over through parts of it alongside the use of archival footage (photographs and video clips), scene reconstructions and present time footage; the idea of having Aiste, towards the end of the film, either talk alone to the camera or simply having her voice recorded and played over a black screen as she finally tells what she feels and what she’s been through whilst dealing with that illness would be of a great advantage and unpredictable for the audience.

This all bears the question: is it a documentary or is it a drama?

Maybe it’s more of a drama or maybe it looks more like a documentary. But at the end of the day, does it really matter?

I don’t think so.

And that is the beauty of making an experimental documentary/drama film.


ORANGE GIRL: Meeting about 1st script draft issues

Today, me and Jonas met for the first time after he finished the first draft of the script and since the overall result of it was not something I felt right to the storyline, we wanted to discuss it before we had a meeting with Helen, later in the day.

The issues I had with this draft of the script were that not only did the script not make sense with what we’ve been discussing prior but also we it lacked the climax (being the secret that Aiste shares with Jonas) as well as it sounding more like a drama than a documentary.

During the meeting I laid out again and more firmly what I felt the script had it wrong and what was lacking and managed to explain my point of view on it and what I felt needed to be changed and/or improved on.

Jonas obviously defended his script but also understood where I was coming from.

The issue that we are now facing goes again back to the ethics that revolves around having someone, this being Aiste, discussing their on-going and still very present issue of possessing and suffering from an eating disorder.

Jonas tells me she might not feel comfortable having that being discussed with him let alone on film, which raises the issue of that being an integral part of the documentary in and of itself.

So, my idea is to have a back plan on what we can use as a replacement in the storyline that will help us when we are on location shooting the film.

After we meet Helen, later today, I’ll blog about her thoughts and the feedback we get to effectively do these changes in the best way possible.