BAD COFFEE: Crowdfund video and website

After a long struggle of getting our crowdfund campaign up, it finally is online on YouTube, as seen above, and I created our online crowdfund page on GoFund that can be viewed HERE.

So far the way I constructed the the page offers the viewers three different levels of prize:

  1. Bronze level: For people who donate £10. They will receive a private link to the film before anyone else gets to see it.
  2. Silver level: For people who donate £50. They will receive a DVD copy of the film upon its release. They will also receive the above prize.
  3. Gold level: For people who donate £100. They will receive the above prizes and also an Executive Producer credit in our film.

The initial goal we aim to hit it £500, so hopefully we can do so!

We hope that through YouTube and our though publicity in our film’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages will help us to gain an audience that is interested in helping us bring our story to life.




BAD COFFEE: Social media websites

From the beginning, myself and Andrija knew we wanted to create social media websites for our films since both of us use social media quite often, in our personal lives, we knew the impact that it can have on someone or something. In this case, with our project.

Thus, we set out to create a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages where we could share and post anything that relates to out film so that we could reach a major audience.

Firstly came Facebook, Andrija set up the page and then I started to manage it at the beginning and so it could reach a larger audience in the UK, I paid for a week’s worth of publicity where our Facebook page would be in the main page of Facebook, all throughout the UK. That enabled us to gain more likes on our page, quite faster and more people were engaged in it which lead the likes in our page to go considerably higher.

Afterwards came Twitter and Instagram, which was managed by myself and Andrja and then Mariana, the editor, also started to help us with creating and publicizing content through these platforms.

Overall, it’s been a great experience so far which will hopefully only enhance through time.