This morning was a very early start as we came at 8am but we all had to leave our house at 6am to be able to be on set on time, so everyone needed a strong cup of coffee to help to get things going faster.

We quickly moved into to shooting the breakup scene between the two main characters so we could have that completely done long before we needed to leave the house so the tenant could come in to quickly check the house before the next clients.

Thankfully we finished in time, although barely, and managed to pack everything fairly quick whilst giving a quick sweep of the house to make sure that everything was a clean as possible before leaving.

We then moved to a pub called “The Durell Arms” where we would shoot our coffee shop scenes with our two protagonists.

What was supposed to be a a shoot to wrap at 5pm, it ended at 11pm because of various different types of adversities that ranged from the obvious noise of clients in the opposite side of the pub, mixed with music blaring from the speakers to a low but distinguishable sound of a heater and the chattering between the extras that liked to talk amongst themselves when the cameras were actually rolling. So it was a hard day because of that.

Then because of the rehearsals, setting up and change of clothes, also contributed to the long overdue wrap for the day.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience because I managed to set design, along with Amnah, the location to make it look more like a coffee shop which was quite fun to add another “hat” alongside the Producer one. As well as the staff working there were absolute rockstars for being so understanding of our filming to the point that they accommodated us to not have music on in the pub for 3 hours whilst they had customers in and for not kicking us out when our shoot overran. The crew continued to be brilliant today as well as the cast.

I really feel like these struggles have only enhanced my passion for the craft and the respect I have for all those involved in making a film, any film, happen.





The house we shot in today was a house I found on Airbnb, situated in Fulham, which myself and Andrija reccee’d and fell in love with. Thankfully the owner was very kind and interested in having his house be centre stage to a film.

After having secured the house, the day of our shoot we had a very limited amount of hours that we could use the house for our filming purposes before the next client would check in the following day, 21st March, at 12pm.

Which meant that by the time we arrived at the house at 1pm, we would have to shoot into the night to be able to accommodate the lengthy scenes we need to film which included the first argument followed by the breakup scene of our two protagonists.

Unfortunately, by the time all the crew and the two actresses arrived at the location, we were already behind schedule for nearly 1 hour due to heavy traffic to get to the house. So I had to have a quick talk with our makeup artist so she knew we needed to move quick and get the actresses ready to shoot as soon as we finished setting up the equipment for the first scene of the day.

After a few rehearsals, with the entire crew and cast, we stared filming properly at 4pm. And the shoot ran until midnight, but not before myself, Andrija and the 1st AD, Catarina, decided that we needed to film the breakup scene tomorrow morning, before we needed to leave the location, so that we would have time to shoot it without having to be too worried with the time span we would have to do so.

After this was decided, I told Rosie, who plays Ashley, that she was wrapped for the day so we could focus on getting Tuck’s individual scenes out of the way.

Overall, our crew felt more comfortable in their respective roles today as we slowly get into the groove of the film and it’s importance for myself and Andrija. The actresses did a wonderful job in their portrayal and I could not thank them more. And the superstars that were our sound recordist, Peter, who always is ready to crack a joke with his dry sense of humor; Amnah, the production assistant, for being my right hand and the person that helps keep my sanity intact; Jonas, the 1st AC, for being so great in everything he does and the Iulia, the makeup artist, for being so talented and up for anything.

Onwards and upwards for tomorrow!




Today marks the beginning of a very emotional journey into a very personal film for myself and my Director, Andrija.

Our first scene with the full cast and crew happened in a classroom, on campus, where we shot the Depression Alliance group meeting where our two main protagonists meet eachother for the first time.

This day proved to be a hardship from the start as having to transport the equipment from the Grove building all the way to the opposite site of the campus, to the Williams building, and then up the stairs to our filming location was hard enough but then the set up of props, equipment, prepping the actresses’ hair, makeup and clothes and receiving calls and meeting with the extras I hired, made our first production day go three hours over schedule.

Not only that but the room we were situated in proved to create a lot of echoes Peter, our amazing sound operator, did not appreciate but also the sound of the hand dryer from the woman’s bathroom was quite audibly heard through a couple of intense scenes and we had to keep going to turn them off so we could swiftly continue.

Unfortunately, due to our shoot having overrun the estimated time frame we had set out to combined with the fact we needed to exit the building fairly soon as it was closing down for the evening, meant that we didn’t have enough time to finish the two of the scenes in the classroom and that we needed to reschedule the exterior scenes for another day.

Overall, it was an incredible first day because it was the first time we could see our characters, Tuck and Ashley, brought to life in front of our eyes and that made myself and Andrija quite emotional. And our crew has proved to be amazing with having to deal with so many adversities and still battling through and conquering them.

The next shoot day we will be filming in Fulham, through a house I found on Airbnb.