BAD COFFEE: Rough cut screening feedback

Today we finally presented the first 18 minutes cut of our film to the people in our degree, including the tutors. Our film was the last one of the day, which was slightly annoying since nobody ever wants to be last in anything in life, really.

But as soon as our film started playing the room went completely silent and I started to feel a mixture of proudness and anxiety for what was to come in the form of criticism.

For me it’s always hard to listen to people criticize a film I’ve done because it’s almost like they are criticizing my child and it’s hard to hear at times.

But alas, after the film was screened everyone clapped with made the anxiety dissipate as at least I knew that the worst part was over.

As the reviews started being said aloud, what most people agreed upon was that the cinematography was very good and that the choice in the actresses chosen for the roles was a good one, which made me very happy that the emotion came across as myself and Andrija wanted it to.

But the thing that was said the most was that, my peers, thought the story development happened at too fast of a pace and that the Tuck and Ashley fall in love too quickly and then break up too quickly, as well. Which, after hearing the same opinion by multiple other people, made me realise they they were right. It does happen too fast and no indication of what the characters’ relationship was like before they broke up is seen.

This made myself and Andrija have a discussion about how we intend to eventually do a new shoot day where we could film a montage sequence of different activities and places Tuck and Ashley have been as a couple as that will offer more depth to their tragic love story.

Alas, we will need to see when we’ll be able to shoot it as Andrija is soon leaving for Germany for one month and the actresses are both very busy with theatre plays, they are both participating in. So we will either shoot it before Andrija leaves or we will do so after our degree is complete and we will do so to add onto our film for the festivals we will send it to.




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