BAD COFFEE: Post-production and colour grade

Our post-production, as was part of our production days, was filled with adversities thrown at us from various ways.

The first cut of the film took about two weeks to be done and that mixed with the score being composed at the same time, set us off to a good start.

But after the film was locked, for the 12 minute version, the problems with sound design started as our sound recordist, Peter, was nearly always busy with other projects to be able to fully commit to helping us with our sound. This was not his fault, but it meant we had to work around the clock to try and get the sound design worked through as quickly as possible.

After multiple sessions with Peter, we finally managed to get the final design done alongside the score of the film although there were still some technical aspects that we will work on for the longer version of the film, as that will be the one we will send off to festivals in the near future.

In regards to colour grade, our first option for a grader for our project was Jonas, who was our 1st AC on set, but due to last minute commitments he was unable to do it so I had to quickly find a new option. Thankfully, I found Dominika, who is from 2nd year in the BA Film course, and she was available and interested in the project which I was very glad about.

Her showreel proved that she was a good option and we soon started to discuss what we intended the colour grade to be like. The grade took another two weeks and Dominika was a great addition to the team and even though she came into the project late, she still embraced it as if she had been there from the start.

Overall, I had a lot more post-production issues with this film in comparison to “The Sea Room” but I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s been quite the ride and I am proud of it and of all the people that poured their love into it.




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