THE SEA ROOM: Rough cut screening feedback

A while ago, we finally showcase our film to our entire course and tutors and we were excited to showcase something that we have been carrying with us for months now.

The previous night, myself and Jonas were in the editing suite finalizing the English subtitles of our film which proved to be another interesting experience as Jonas had to translate it from Lithuanian to English and I had to make sure the English translation wasn’t too literal to the Lithuanian pronunciation and that the grammar and phrases made sense whilst still maintaining the depth they needed to possess.

We were both quite nervous/excited to see what people had to say but we knew that it would be a bit of a mixed reaction which is what proved to be. Luckily most of our course enjoyed it and felt the raw emotion on screen and how that poured out of the film towards the audience but the other side of our course felt it a bit too personal and intimate and struggled with the idea of the scene recreation in the bed and how Aiste is seen crying whilst a camera is clearly filming a close-up of her face.

Myself and Jonas knew people would have these doubts so we just soaked in as much of the constructive criticism we could so we could later look at it again to see if anything could be improved.

The best thing was that after the screening, I had a couple of people come up to me and say hoe much they enjoyed it and how it touched them and that made my heart leap out of my chest of how happy I was that at least some people understood this film and the meaning of love behind it.