Nowhere Boy: Scene recreation process



This time around we were placed in different groups, as all of us drew out numbers to see who we would get in our team. After that was decided we had to recreate a scene from any movie we choose and to have the scenery, actors, clothes, makeup, hair, props, lighting, sound, shots, framing, length and everything else we can think of, as similar as possible to the original version from the movie. So this was, without a doubt, the hardest assignment we ever had to do. With this one, we had to continue to learn how to work with eachother and the importance of communicating effectively within the group as to express our ideas and opinions without imposing. And this wasn’t easy. We’re all still learning so it was obvious we still needed a lot of practice. We were in a tight schedule and just setting up the lights, fixing the sound, positioning the camera on the tripod, organizing the space, clearing out any elements that wouldn’t look good in the scene took the longest time and we ended up with not that much time to shoot it. I, being the producer once more had to talk to the owner of the restaurant we used to shoot in, to allow us more time to shoot the rest of the film. He allowed us 20 extra minutes, which was quite helpful in the end.  So we tried to do it as fast as we could. We barely finished on time but managed to do what we wanted given the time and conditions and proceeded to give the footage to the editor.

From this experience we all learned the hard way, that rushing something will never have a good outcome. We made too many mistakes to count and it was hard to admit it, but alas we need to learn from our mistakes and hopefully improve as we go along in this module.