Untilted Running Project: A Short Film



In this short film were were all placed in big groups and given two scenes which we need to shoot, specifically one at night and another during the day, each with their specific elements and stories. In this assignment I was nominated as the producer and knowing that I was the one who needed to organize everyone and who would have the final say in each image, each sound, each sketch was both terrifying and envigorating. During the filming preparations we all had the first taste of the importance of lighting and sound as primary focuses to go along with the image, for they are all dependent on eachother. If one is bad, then you might as well delete the entire scene you just shot. We also used students from the Theatre Arts course for the first time, which only gave us more of the feeling of it being a “movie set”, and gave me the notion of how important it is to keep the crew and actors content and in a safe environment. As well as keeping everyone on track of what they need to do and when they needed to do it.