Charli XCX: MTV Brand New

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Charli XCX also known as Charlotte Aitchison is an English electro pop singer whose second album, called “Sucker” has been blowing up the charts ever since it came out in 2014.

Now I fell into the bandwagon after I started hearing the song “Boom Clap”, that is featured in the Fault In Our Stars soundtrack, start to blow up on every radio station in the UK.

Her style of music wasn’t the type that I would normally listen to on a day to day basis but there was something about her upbeat tempos, the comedic remarks and the boldness of her lyrics that captivated my attention to the point that I can say that I am indeed a fan. Not only because of her music but also vecause of how she chooses to present herself to the major audience.

Her liking of negligées and corsets as suitable day wear, the red lipstick and black liner combo, the way she throws her hair every which way during a performance with no regard for how messy it will become just comes to show how comfortable and confident she is in herself not only as a performer but as a woman.

She represents the new and upcoming generation of women who can wear nightgowns as outdoor dresses and rock messy bed hair and vintage ’60s sunglasses because they can. With no regard for what other’s might think.

Her music is a direct representative of this flower child, free spirited girl and that appeals to me and so many others because deep down, we want to be as carefree as she is and now we can believe that that’s possible.

Both her albums have been playing non-stop in my iPod for months now and it’s something that I can always turn to when I need a quick fix to my mood.

So by being such a Charli fan, when there came the chance to win a pair of free tickets to a concert in Islington Town Hall in London (as a part of the MTV Brand New event) a couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance and was lucky to be one of 50 chosen winners!

I was quite happy, to say the least.

I went with a friend of mine and it was a lovely experience! We got to watch two up and coming performers before she came out and one of them was James Bay which ended up being an unexpectedly lovely act.

It’s safe to say that Charli is exactly the same wild, free spirit she seems to be as seen through the media and her music. I had a blast and can’t wait to go watch her perform on another opportunity.


With this in mind, here is a quick breakdown of my favourite Charli XCX’s songs and why:

The rhythm of this song captured my attention to how ‘out of the box’ it is to what I was previously used whilst listening to other musicians perform pop. The way the lyrics just envelop the music was very alluring to me. The perfect song to dance around with friends.

Having seen Charli’s previous performances of her songs, when I stumbled upon this one in a a live, raw acoustic performance she did about three years ago, I was blown away. This is a completely different side to her that isn’t shown often, especially in a slow tempo song. Her vocals mixed with how personal the theme is, makes this one of my most played Charli songs.

This is without a doubt my favourite! The way this song simply exudes women empowerment and feminism is so appealing to me that it’s hard for me to handle. I just unabashedly jam to this song at night on my bus ride home from university or my shift at work. It just puts me in the mood, no pun intended, to rock out and embrace my femininity. It’s basically an anthem for the female orgasm. And we need more of those. Anthems and orgasms, that is. Both are good. So kudos to you Charli for making women embrace, even more, their sexual independence.