Casting Director (again): Emily


So today I was Casting Director yet again for another film project also tilted “Emily” but this one is directed by Patricia Musakanya and produced by Amnah Pervaiz.

I arrived a few hours after their auditions had already begun as I had work to do beforehand but arrived at a good time because we ended up having the bulk of the auditions all on that day.

My role was to serve as both a Casting Director, where I would offer my opinion on each actor that would come in and audition as well as being Camera Operator, since I would film each and every audition.

It was a lovely day as I got be a part of an audition process that involved children as I have never worked with children in any of my films before and it was a learning curve for me.

Patricia worked well in giving direction to each child which lead them to give their best performance when the audition time came.

I’d say we audition around 15 children that apart from all the potential mothers that also came in. At one point I had to do a cold reading of the script as the child actor, on site, didn’t have a potential mother actress to act alongside her. It wasn’t the most enjoyable for me but it served the purpose.

Overall, it was a good experience as I got to help in obtaining the best possible auditions, being in control of the camera, as well as meeting a lot of potential young talent that I might want to work with one day.




Casting Director: Emily


Today I worked as a Casting Director for Mariam Afrahi and Fred Iyeh’s film “Emily”.

I was approached by Mariam, the Director for the film, to be their sole Casting Director which was a nice thought!

My job was to film the auditions and afterwards give feedback on both the actors’ performances after the said auditions. I eventually did some cold readings of the script, for the part of Emily’s mother, so it would help in the smooth running of the actor’s audition.

Prior to date, I went with Fred, the Producer, to meet with both actors individually and then escort them to the audition venue. This gave us time to all talk with each other and get acquainted before the audition began.

Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon and I am glad to have been part of the project.

Here are some photos that Fred took during both of the auditions:

mariam photo 2 mariam photo