Canon 650D: Induction



So today we ventured into the land of DSLR magic, with our induction on the Canon 650D. I was quite excited because I had worked with a previous model in a previous shoot and was quite fond of it, and since then I have been studying up on my DSLR’s so you could say I was looking forward for this tutorial.

We basically talked about all the basic features that we needed to know in order to get good footage which meant learning all that we need to learn about the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. The various lenses we could use was also a hot topic in today’s class and I have to say that I quite liked knowing how different lens sizes can give different effects to a shot.


From this induction, I learned mostly more about the different lenses we could use as to give the desired effect we might be looking for and that was quite interesting.


Learning the ways of the DSLR!



Because I am the DOP, DP, camera woman or whatever you want to call me, I am the one in charge of operating the camera. Original, I know. But the difference here is that I have had no previous experience in working with DSLR’s. So from there, I went through quite a bit of DLSR tutorials: for begginers, DSLR filmmaking, the basis of photography, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. And also I studied on the basic functions of the Canon 600D, since it was the camera we eventually decided to shoot with. Since I didn’t have experience to rely on, I brushed up on my studies and tested the camera out before we began shooting so that on the day of the shoot, I would have complete confidence and knowledge that I had taken the best footage I could take with a week’s worth of online tutorials and camera testing.

In January 2014, I plan on attending DSLR tutorials at university as well as ask for a camera loan so that I can further practice the use of the camera. That and I plan on saving up money so that I can, in the next couple of months, buy my own profissional camera.